September 2018 . . . .

“Indisputably, Part 2”

     In a couple of weeks from now, my eldest is back to school. That is, she’s heading back to college to begin her sophomore year. I’ve been making deadlines since she was in third grade; in all that time we’ve been talking, she and I, about books, about writing, about art and music. She’s won a contest for writing a book (in fifth grade!) and she’s played keyboard and sung in public (at the county fair) and she’s performed at Carnegie Hall (with her high school a cappella group.) For all of those things I have enormous pride. But this fall she’s truly busting my buttons, for she’s taking a class in Creative Writing.

     Yes, I know, you can’t push someone into it, nor can you pull. Writing is the thing that causes itself in a person. And I’m not sure I would wish someone into being a writer, because it is difficult, with long moments of extreme dissatisfaction. But I love it so much (that I’m probably doing it wrong), and I want her to have this kind of love for something she does.



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