October 2015 . . . .

Sexist me
     I think about things. Thinking is a luxury, I suppose, in that it is usually enjoyable. However, it takes time, and that unencumbered by other more or less mundane activities. I must admit I have been fortunate in that that my life has led to this point where I spend a fair amount of time in the car, thinking, or in front of a computer, thinking, or walking, sitting, standing . . . thinking. I would hope that we all reach this place in our lives, eventually, but I have no great expectations of this. Most people I know believe that they are thinking, are convinced that what they do with their minds is time well spent. It is taking me a bit of time — I have not yet said, nor do I now admit that I am a great thinker. Just a thinker. And a talker. I talk a lot, when I can, and about whatever is on my mind. Some would say I talk too much. Well, if I do it is because I think a lot and want to discuss what I think about. If this simple equation does not work well, more’s the pity.



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