March 2021 . . . .

“Midwinter Tid-bits”
     I’m sitting in my office, staring at the keyboard. Quite certain that I want to say something, but not so sure of what I want to say. Does this ever happen to you? Finding yourself a technological variant of tongue-tied? What do you do to overcome that hurdle? Do you step away from the keyboard, put the computer in sleep-mode and do something else until you can find the starting point? Perhaps you tug out a composition notebook and make lists instead: groceries you need this week. Books you’ve promised yourself to read. Or do you catch up on your administrative duties? Clear the inbox, so to speak. Sit back down and determinedly send out all those emails you’ve been promising. Or are all of these things terribly clear flags that reveal my age? Wow, you’re old, you’re thinking. Everything you just talked about are things I never do.



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