February 2020 . . . .

     I had intended to make a big deal about it — out of this being our 200th number. Over sixteen years of monthly publication, and how cool was it that number 200 would fall on the second month of this year — 02/2020. Pretty cool. Well, pretty something, anyway.

     Truth: it’s the dreariest time of the year — sorry all of you who have a birthday with Washington and Lincoln. No one likes February. It’s unlikeable. Most people pronounce it wrong, and I think that’s on purpose. It doesn’t deserve to be said correctly. It’s the egg-salad sandwich of months. The French, wise folk that they are, named it “Ventose” when they changed their calendar after the Revolution. Ventose either means “windy” or “bad breath, ” which is accurate enough for a month worth only 28 or 29 days because who in their right mind wants more of windy, cold, and wet?



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