October 2017 . . . .

“Here’s what I think is one problem.”
     You cannot in one breath be complaining about the appalling behavior of men toward women and in the next breath be grousing about whether or not the half-and-half in your mochachino is organic. You can’t go from reading an article about the President signing a bill banning funding to planned parenthood to studying the pending Oscar nominations. From mourning a shooting to a new fortune made playing Powerball. I think no one’s brain works like that, not well anyway.

     In fact, I suspect we are teaching our brains to not work. We are teaching them to play, for lack of a better word. When the newscasters inform us about a bus going over a cliff in India and immediately leap to the weather and giggle about the chance of snow, our brains reach two conclusions — that the first tragedy, while awful, wasn’t actually so tragic and that all tragic events can be laughed away if only we can find a lighthearted bit of froth from which to sip.



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