November 2021 . . . .

     My wife and I agree on many things. Not films. It’s not that she only likes “chick-flicks” and I watch “guy-fare,” although she frequently does and I often do. Our tastes overlap. Sometimes. All good, right?

     Well, no. There’s another issue.

     Backstory: K selects most movies we watch together. For you husbands married for a little or a long time, this is “common sense,” and it took me a while to recognize this, and to watch whatever she selected without complaint (or worse: scene by scene film-school analysis with color commentary. Like a boxing match.) Much better to just let the motion picture run its electronic course. In our time-together, therefore, I’ve seen some real turkeys, some forgettable light frolic, and the occasionally terrific film. So what, you may ask, is the problem?



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