June 2018 . . . .

“Circadian Arrhythmia”

     Aaron Sorkin (I’m not going to tell you who he is; either you’re already well aware and it will be ironic, or you’re not and I will be left foolishly mansplaining) said something to the effect of “the first sin of writing is to tell the reader what they already know. ”

     Elder daughter says I talk too much. Sort of the same thing, I guess.

     It’s late spring, and there are perhaps a handful of lovely cool mornings remaining in the inventory. The alarm pushes me out of bed and downstairs to my keyboard and just before I sit I peer out the window. I have no foolish thoughts that I am the only one awake and the moment is peaceful; outside are the dog walkers, the school bus riders, the running women and men getting cardio, the landscape workers prepping their gas-powered weed-eaters and edgers while checking their watches for that seven-thirty start time.



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