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“The Secret Life of Walter’s Mitties”
     On the writing front, I’m trying to finish a novel that doesn’t want to end. At the same time, here at home strange things are afoot. School brings them on, I think. For example, our youngest walks around singing songs with the words purposefully misspoken. Wait . . . can you purposefully misspeak? Anyway, she does this to make her older sister crazy. No, that’s wrong! Big sis says. She follows her around from bathroom to kitchen to bedroom. You’re saying it wrong! I’m not saying it at all, says younger, quite logically. I’m singing it. Which is kerosene splashed on the flame of frustration for elder. No! she tries to out-decibel her little sister. It goes like this! And she sings the correct words, in a key a half note higher and to a rhythm two steps behind. I assume this is done so that the listener (me?) can differentiate between the wrong version and the corrected version, however in the bedlam of two loud teenage voices it is difficult to parse which is which.


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