April 2021 . . . .

“Nothing To Say”
     I may have already mentioned this: I play a game, online, on my phone, with many other players worldwide, and the starting object is one thing (to clobber zombies) and then over time the game becomes another thing (to make alliances and fight other players). And for what it’s worth to any armchair analysts, I choose not to be in an alliance. I prefer just to collect resources and fight the program-created zombies. I do get attacked from time to time, but I don’t keep my treasure out there to be the spoils of war. I use what I gather and then go get more. I suspect that there is a dissatisfaction in an “opponent” checking out my camp and seeing little of value there. Perhaps because of this there are players who think twice before making the effort to attack me. Perhaps not. We are an aggressive species, whether we like to admit it or not.



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