August 2018 . . . .

“Going out of style — with style!”

     Recently I was explaining home ownership to my eldest. This is easily one of my favorite things. She enjoys (sometimes) hearing me talk, and likes (always) pulling my chain — often asking the next question before I’ve finished answering the first. In this particular conversation, however, things deteriorated subject-wise to the point where I was trying to tell her what a mortgage was and how it works, while she was already off on the tangent of renting, then leasing, and then wanted me to clarify the difference between taking out a loan and paying rent, and so on. All this while we stuffed our faces with pork chops and mashed potatoes. It was glorious, because we both knew how boring it was, and yet we continued forward like two crazed individuals rappelling down the side of a mountain, knowing that the rope wasn’t quite long enough to reach the bottom.



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