March 2018 . . . .

“Talking with Young Writers”
     Never miss an opportunity. If your grandpa is going to fry chicken after church — don’t sleep in. Get out of bed and clip on that tie and go to service. Afterward, grab yourself a thigh and an ear of corn and some butter-beans and dig in.

     No, it’s not new advice. We let things slip by us too often, I think. Imagine ourselves exhausted — just frazzled, worn down to the bone. I get it, I really do. You’re tired of the grind, and the rancor that surrounds the grind like a clinging miasma. You just want to do what you must, and when it’s done or over get back inside without getting too dirty, sit in your chair, watch your shows or flip through your postings and then sleep. Wake and do it all again. If opportunity knocks, maybe if you’re quiet, it won’t bother you. Some other time, perhaps. Not right now.



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