May 2024 . . . .

“171,000 words and not a drop to drink”

    I’ve been thinking about how it’s very strange out there. You know what I mean, and I don’t see the need to use a different word, something more specific, more revealing, than “strange” because you do know what I mean. I could, but I won’t. English is a big language. Lots of word choices. Some nitwit says there’s about a million words in it, but surely some of those are archaic, and some are slang, and many, many are technical terms (and probably a whole hell of a lot are names for medicines which are created on some app designed for such a thing, and run up a flagpole by marketing types that don’t give any consideration to the idea that for most of us the name of one blood thinner brand sounds perniciously like institutionalized violence, particularly without the luxury of a pronunciation guideline).



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